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Tyrael - "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" - CD, free shipping worldwide

Image of Tyrael - "Der Wald ist mein Zuhause" - CD, free shipping worldwide



Rumbling growls and skin flaying shrieks, relentlessly pushing and dashing drums and guitars that, like the bass, lack neither brutality nor melody – that is what the songs are made of that took roots in the musicians' minds since the late 90ies and that comprise to this album. From the engrossed beauty of “Wo sind die Meinen?” through the psychotic riffs of “Gedankenfluss” to the merciless killing spree of “Der Jäger” it takes the listener to the woods and shows all their facets – whether he likes them or not. Many a mind gets lost in the scrub...

“Der Wald ist mein Zuhause” reaches a playtime of more than 43 minutes with its 11 songs and comes with an elaborate 16 page booklet with an atmospheric artwork and all lyrics.

Release Date: January 22nd, 2010

01 - To Isengard
02 - Throne Of God
03 - Der Jäger
04 - Sonnige Tage
05 - Gedankenfluss
06 - Traum der Wirklichkeit
07 - Wo sind die Meinen?
08 - Gebrochenes Eis
09 - Erlkönig
10 - Der Wald ist mein Zuhause
11 - Des Rabens Andacht

Total playing time 43:25

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